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National Water Week – 18-24 October 2015

Published on: Wednesday, 7th October, 2015

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It’s nearly that time of the year again! Held for the first time in 1993, National Water Week is an Aussie initiative that was created to help people of all ages and backgrounds to better understand our precious water, its use and resources. Local communities Australia wide hold initiatives to raise community awareness. Each year, a theme is celebrated throughout the week.

This year, the National Water Week theme is “water innovation for the future”. Calling all inventors! Why not develop a new way to save water in our dry country?

Check out these two of our favourite developments from around the world which could make a difference in water security in the future:

  • Shade balls – In California, the Los Angeles council poured 96 Million small plastic balls into their reservoir to both improve water quality and prevent evaporation by covering the entire water area. This idea will help to relieve the severe drought in the area by saving a whopping 1364 million litres a year!! If you are interested read this article for more details
  • LifeStraw – this is a personal water filter designed to purify any water and make it suitable for drinking as it is needed. These simple little straws require no power, are lightweight and can be carried anywhere. The LifeStraw can filter water contaminated with bacteria, making it instantly safe for human consumption. This is a truly innovative product to ensure clean drinking water is accessible anywhere. Check it out at

There is a few ideas to start your creative thinking. Come up with something and spread the word this Water Week!

Looking for more National Water Week details? – find more info on the Australian Water Association website.