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National Water Week – 18-24 October 2015

It’s nearly that time of the year again! Held for the first time in 1993, National Water Week is an Aussie initiative that was created to help people of all ages and backgrounds to better understand our precious water, its use and resources. Local communities Australia wide hold initiatives to raise community awareness. Each year,…

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What size tank should I buy?

Finally … winter is over and spring is here! (thankfully, don’t know about you but we’re sick of this grey weather!) Summer is just around the corner, and although we all enjoy the great weather we do need to think responsibly about our water use over the summer months. A question we get asked all…

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Detention Tanks Explained

Your plans are calling for 2000 Litre Stormwater Detention Tank but you’re not sure what that is? A detention tank (sometimes the term retention tank is incorrectly used) is usually called for when the existing stormwater infrastructure is not adequate.  Basically, a detention tank slows down how fast the rain off your roof gets into…

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Save water before the next drought

Budget 2015: Purchasing a Water Tank

The federal budget has landed, and that means good news for both small businesses and farmers. Always wanted that extra water storage, but unsure whether you could justify the cost? Within this year’s budget, small businesses can purchase an asset – which could be a tank or multi tank system – costing up to $20,000…

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Aquaplate rainwater tanks

What is Aquaplate?

Aquaplate is a specialised material developed by Bluescope Steel specifically for drinking-water tanks. It is Australia’s premium tank-making material, and is backed by a 20 year warranty. This material has an internal tough food-grade, two-ply polymer lining bonded to the steel during manufacture on BlueScope’s production lines. In short, this means that water cannot ever…

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Tanks – A Million!

The installation team at our partner company Waterline Tanks was certainly kept busy over the last fortnight, erecting 4 fire service tanks (at Heathcote Hospital and Warrnambool Airport) and 3 domestic water tanks, adding up to 665,400 Litres of water storage! And, if that’s not enough, they did another 2 x 155,000 Litre fire service tanks at…

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Water Tank Rebates

Water Tank Rebates Ending Soon

Are you considering purchasing a tank? Don’t forget that the government rebates are still current (for now…ending June 2015!) If the water tank is made to Australian standards (which ours are) and are fully certified (which ours are too) and you connect the tank to the toilet and/or laundry you could be eligible for up…

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Welcome To Our Redesigned Website

What a better way to start 2015 – with a nice new clean website redesign.  Thanks to Ned at Viscore we now have a fresh new site that more accurately reflects our brand, includes more of our range & looks great on a mobile or tablet, make sure you check it out. You may also…

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Need a New Rainwater Tank?

Speak to one of our sales consultants to get started. We also don’t charge any extra for custom built tanks.

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