Tank & Pump Packages

Builders kits - Tank & Pump packages to meet your developer requirements

We realise it is so much faster to get everything as a kit, so we supply the complete package – tank, pump, mains backup controller & pump cover. Rough-in diagrams available to ensure a fast & neat job saving you on installation cost & time.

We can guarantee you a hassle free experience from start to finish – place your order, we will send you an order confirmation & schedule a delivery date & time that suits you. All our components are covered by our onsite service team, who are more than happy to provide rough-in & installation advice.

Standard Pump Options

Garden Watering Hit

Standard garden watering pump with optional garden tap mounted on top of pump for instant use. Optional pump cover to protect the pump from the weather

Inside House Use – External Pump

Suitable for servicing toilets & laundry to achieve the 5 star energy rating. Includes a pump which sits next to the tank suitable for single or double storey houses. A mains backup controller allows the system to run off mains water in times of low rainfall. Optional pump cover to protect pump from weather.

Inside House Use – Submersible Pump

Our submersible pump system includes a powerful submersible pump mounted inside the tank with the mains backup controller located on top of the tank. Gives a very neat finish & takes up less space than an external pump.

Popular Tank & Pump Kits

Pump options which can be installed with any size tank from our range

Aquaslim 2007 + External Pump 2000 Litres 1.9L x 0.72W x 1.86H (add an extra 0.6m for pump)
Aquaslim 2005 + Submersible Pump 2000 Litres 2.2 L x 0.55W x 1.86H
Round 2000 + External Pump 2000 Litres 1.2D x 1.86H (add an extra 0.6m for pump)
Aqualong 5012B + Submersible Pump 5000 Litres 2.5L x 1.2W x 2.02H

Contact us now for installation advice or to discuss a specialised pump package.

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