Why Steel Tanks?

Why Choose Steel Water Tanks?

Two words: Durability & Reliability

Colorbond Tanks Steel Tanks will outlive any other type of tank

They're corrosion proof

Aquaplate steel tanks are made from Bluescope corrugated Colorbond steel that has a food grade polymer coating attached to the inside. This basically makes the tank corrosion proof, which is why there is such a long warranty on our tanks.

Unaffected by UV Rays

Colorbond tanks are completely unaffected by Australia's extreme UV rays, unlike some other tanks which break down over time. With light penetration also comes algae which can spoil your water & may damage your pump

Will not bulge when filled

Colorbond Aquaplate Tanks have consistent wall thickness and strength & will not bulge when filled. Tanks made from other materials have been known to fail as a result of inconsistent manufacturing processes which can cause critically thin walls

Choice of modern Colorbond colors

Colorbond corrugated tanks look great. Most of us are proud of our homes - why not have a watertank that matches? Choice of modern Colorbond colors or a galvanised finish for that traditional rural Australian look

Completely non-flammable

Colorbond tanks are completely non-flammable and certainly won't melt or emit toxic fumes during a fire. In fact you may be required to have a steel tank for firefighting use if you build a new house in a high risk area

100% recyclable

For those who are interested - the annual environmental burden of a water tank made from Aquaplate is equivalent to one 100W light bulb switched on for a week. The tanks are also 100% recyclable making them more enviro-friendly than other materials.

Drinkable water

Colorbond Aquaplate tanks won't taint the taste of your drinking water - fully food grade approved. When it comes to plastic tanks - the jury is still out on the question of long term water quality

Can fit almost anywhere

Along with the superior strength of steel, it is the adaptability that Colorbond tanks can be made to almost any shape & size to fit those awkward spots... slimline shape, round or square.

Why choose Slimline Rainwater Tanks?

We've been over 30 years in the tank manufacturing industry

Quality Colorbond® Aquaplate®

Quality Colorbond® Aquaplate®

Slimline Rainwater Tanks are manufactured using Colorbond® Aquaplate®. Some other manufacturers use galvanised steel and spray paint their tanks. Tanks made with genuine prepainted Colorbond are a far superior product with a long lasting finish backed by the Bluescope® warranty.

Stainless Steel Bolt Construction

Stainless Steel Bolt Construction

This is the most reliable method of construction as the tank is strengthened with stainless steel reinforcement. Many other cheaper methods are used, but ours is the original, tried, tested, certified and guaranteed solution.

Quality Construction Guaranteed

Quality Guaranteed Guarnteed

Slimline Rainwater Tanks carry a 20 Year Warranty on BlueScope Aquaplate® steel and our own manufacturers warranty. Every Slimline Rainwater Tank is issued a serial number which may be traced back to the tank builder and construction date for quality assurance purposes.

Experts in our field

Experts In Our Field

Finally, we are a family-owned business, based in Victoria, committed to supplying quality tanks all over the state and with over 38 years manufacturing experience. We very proudly stand behind our product and give our personal commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We believe we’re experts in our field.

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