Colorbond Aquaplate tanks hold the longest warranty on the market – which really speaks for itself. Steel tanks won’t be affected by UV rays, won’t crack if the ground moves & won’t split or bulge over time.

The size tank required all depends on the application you will be using your tank for. Contact us with your details & we can give you some advice.

No, unfortunately there are no government rebates available for installation of rainwater tanks at the moment.

Aquaplate is a specialised tank making material that has been developed by Bluescope Steel & holds a 20 year warranty.

The Aquaplate material is a polymer coating that is applied to the inside of the steel to prevent the water from coming in contact with the steel.

This is why an Aquaplate tank will not rust out like old galvanised tanks as no water can ever touch any steel.

Yes, as part of our certification all materials used in the tank comply with AS4020. The water from an Aquaplate tank will not become tainted by anything leaching into the water or any of the materials breaking down over time.

A steel tank can be relied upon in the event of a bushfire. Tests show that a steel tank will hold it’s structural integrity better than other materials while under flame attack.

If you are building a new house in a BMO (Bushfire Management Overlay) area you may be required to provide either a steel or concrete tank dedicated for firefighting use with a suction point that the CFA can connect to.

Yes, This is the assurance that you are buying a high quality product. We undergo an external yearly audit to ensure compliance. Our certificate number can be found on our tanks.

You will need to provide a tank base according to our Tank Base Preparation Sheet. You may also need to clear a path and trim trees so we can position your tank. You will need to provide assistance on the day of delivery to help us get your new tank exactly where you want it.

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