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What is Aquaplate?

Published on: Thursday, 9th April, 2015

Aquaplate rainwater tanks

Aquaplate is a specialised material developed by Bluescope Steel specifically for drinking-water tanks.

It is Australia’s premium tank-making material, and is backed by a 20 year warranty.

This material has an internal tough food-grade, two-ply polymer lining bonded to the steel during manufacture on BlueScope’s production lines. In short, this means that water cannot ever touch the steel, eliminating rust or corrosion.

To keep you safe, Bluescope recently commissioned the Australian Water Quality Centre to test whether Aquaplate met the Australian Standard of “products for use in contact with drinking water” See the Colorbond website for details.

This test proved that Aquaplate was 100% safe for use, so you can rest assured that Aquaplate will not harm the quality of your water, or put any taste in the water (the jury is still out regarding taste in plastic tanks).

All our tanks are made using this material, and on the base of the tank we use double sided Aquaplate steel to allow the tank to sit directly on either a concrete or a sand pad without compromising either the warranty or the lifetime of the tank.

We offer external finishes in a selection of 10 standard Colorbond colours, or the traditional galvanised finish, giving you plenty of options for your new tank.

Note that if necessary we can make tanks with traditional, non-Aquaplate steel. However, we do not offer a warranty on these tanks, as there is nothing to prevent the water from touching the steel, with the possibility of corrosion down the track.

 For further information, download the brochure here.