2,000L Slimline AQUASLIM® Colorbond Steel Water Tank

The 2,000L Slimline AQUASLIM® Colorbond Steel Water Tank is perfect for those awkward spots where there is not much space, and can be made as narrow as 450mm wide.

2,00L Slimline AQUASLIM® Colorbond Steel Rain Water Tank in Melbourne VIC

Common 2,000L Sizes and Models

AQUASLIM 2005B2,000L2.20L x 0.55W x 1.87H
AQUASLIM 2006A2,000L2.30L x 0.66W x 1.57H
AQUASLIM 2006B2,000L1.90L x 0.66W x 1.87H
AQUASLIM 2006C2,000L1.80L x 0.66W x 2.02H
AQUASLIM 2007A2,000L2.55L x 0.72W x 1.27H
AQUASLIM 2007B2,000L2.10L x 0.72W x 1.57H
AQUASLIM 2007C2,000L1.80L x 0.72W x 1.87H
AQUASLIM 2007D2,000L1.65L x 0.72W x 2.02H
AQUASLIM 2008A2,000L1.80L x 0.88W x 1.57H
AQUASLIM 2008B2,000L1.60L x 0.88W x 1.87H


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