Slimline AQUASLIM® Colorbond Steel Water Tanks Range (1,000L – 2,500L)

Our Slimline AQUASLIM® Colorbond Steel Water Tanks range are our 'Slimmest' Slimline Rain Water Tanks - Ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 Litres

Slimline AQUASLIM® Colorbond Steel Water Tanks in Melbourne, VIC

The AQUASLIM® range is perfect for those awkward spots where there isn’t much space and they can even be made to be as narrow as 450mm wide.  In a tight spot this can make the huge difference of whether you can walk down the side of your house past your tank or not.

Below are a range of our most popular sizes, for a full range download our size sheet, or contact us if you would like us to manufacture a custom sized tank for you at no extra cost.

Not what you are looking for?  Try our Aqualong range or our Slimline Squared range.

Popular AQUASLIM® Colorbond Tank Models

Aquaslim 1505 1500 Litres 2.0L x 0.55W x 1.57H
Aquaslim 1508 1500 Litres 1.2L x 0.88W x 1.87H
Aquaslim 2005 2000 Litres 2.2L x 0.55W x 1.87H
Aquaslim 2006 2000 Litres 1.8L x 0.66W x 2.02H
Aquaslim 2007 2000 Litres 1.8L x 0.72W x 1.87H
Aquaslim 2008 2000 Litres 1.8L x 0.88W x 1.57H
Aquaslim 2506 2500 Litres 2.3L x 0.66W x 1.87H
Aquaslim 2507 2500 Litres 2.65L x 0.72W x 1.57H
Aquaslim 2508 2500 Litres 1.8L x 0.88W x 1.87H


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