Round Colorbond Tanks

Round Colorbond Tanks

Large tanks for those serious about water storage - from 1000 to 25000 Litres

Slimline Round Rainwater Tank : 200 - 275000 Litre - Slimline Rainwater Tanks

Looking for a traditional round tank in either a Colorbond or a Galvanised finish?  Our standard range of sizes from 1000 to 25000 Litres means we have a solution for every application.

Below are a range of our most popular sizes, or download our standard range. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then contact us for a custom sized tank at no extra cost – Diametres from 0.65  to 3.7 metres & heights from 0.65 to 3.5 metres

Not big enough?  Try our rural/commercial range of tanks ranging from 24000 Litres to 275000 Litres at

Our Most Popular Round Colorbond Tank Models

Aquaround 2000T 2000 Litres (Tall Option) 1.18 Dia x 1.87H
Aquaround 4500S 4500 Litres (Squat Option) 2.15 Dia x 1.27H
Aquaround 5000T 5000 Litres (Tall Option) 1.9 Dia x 1.87H
Aquaround 6500T 6500 Litres (Tall Option) 2.15 Dia x 1.87H
Aquaround 10000T 10000 Litres (Tall Option) 2.7 Dia x 1.87H
Aquaround 13500S 13500 Litres (Squat Option) 3.1 Dia x 1.87H
Aquaround 15000T 15000 Litres (Tall Option) 2.9 Dia x 2.32H
Aquaround 18000S 18000 Litres (Squat Option) 3.55 Dia x 1.87H
Aquaround 20000S 20000 Litres (Squat Option) 3.35 Dia x 2.32H
Aquaround 22500S 22500 Litres (Squat Option) 3.55 Dia x 2.32H
Aquaround 22500T 22500 Litres (Tall Option) 3.1 Dia x 3.07H
Aquaround 25000T 25000 Litres (Tall Option) 3.25 Dia x 3.07H

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